Back to school

It’s almost back to school time (yes, for some of you fortunate parents, it has already started, but on this side of the screen it’s next week!!)

So i’ll leave you with these sugestions for a simple but stylish workplace.


For the younger kids, a light and confortable workspace is everything, try to pick something colourful as well so that they feel happy to be doing homework. Don’t forget the height of the table and chair to avoid back problems.Apresentação3For the young adults, some neutral ideas with trendy black and wood combined.


Out of the box ideas for your home

Sometimes we need to make statements in our decor. Weather by the choice of colour, decorative objects or simply by using something unexpected.

Here are some ideas I found in the web, that you can easily apply to you decor.

bathroom gone wild
A colourfull bathroom from 2modern

Adding a bright colourful stripe to an already colourful wall makes all the difference, are you feeling bold enough?

window neon
Idea from Apartment Therapy

Painting the inside of a window with a bright colour ads an edge to your room, if you then add matching objects, it’s sure to make your guests look twice.

apartment therapy
Also from Apartment Therapy

What a surprise, choose a colour you love and paint a stripe up the stairs and into the wall, doesn’t it look great?

Image from Domino

Don’t know what to do to hide the radiator? Don’t! Paint it in a bright colour and make a huge statement.
From Hello Hello

I just love the choice of colour and the difference it makes in this living room.

Image from Sfgirlbybay

Isn’t this a clever and simple idea?Just two stripes in pink make your day seem much more happy from the moment you wake up.

Things that I love – Kitchen inspiration

I’ve been trying to update my old, old, old kitchen for some time, and, although we haven’t been able yet to save Money for the big parts like countertops, cabinets and floors, I’m making the best I can on a budget.

So the little things like door knobs, floor rugs and decor such as frames, chairs, cushions and other stuff, have been studied and bought as we can.

The one thing I know, is that I want a kitchen with splashes of green here and there and a mix of natural materials.

So come with me, as I take on a tour of some of the ideas and feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Ceramics by Barru Pottery

Adhesive fabric by Glu

Lampshade by Abat-jours e companhia

Posters by Desenio

Salad bowls at Rhino home store

Places to go – Madestein

I always like to try special places to go on my birthday and this year was no excepcion. I wanted a place where I could take the kids in the afternoon, with a nice outdoor space and found the Madestein in The Hague.

They are used to have events, like weddings, baby showers and birthdays, so it was the perfect spot. We got to have a high tea party, and it was really well catered, the decor inside was a plus.

With industrial style still in vogue, Madestein has iron glass doors, wood paneling, metal lamps and to go with all of it, gorgeous green sofás. The surroundings are beautifull, with a view to a lake and a wood that you can use for picnics as well.

I loved the dettails, so I wanted to share them with you.


Projects I find – Sinds 1932

I love when I get my hands on an issue of one of my favourite decor magazines, VT Wonen. I always find great inspiration articles and this is not the first time I find a different project and write about it.
This project struck me because of the unusual use of white. Although we are seeing a lot of white decor, this one goes off the top, because it's almost the only colour you see. Besides some small splashes of black, white takes over everything, and even though I love colour in my own house, the clean and calm look fascinated me. The project is from the Dutch studio Sinds 1932 and all of the photos are theirs, for all the photos, check VT Wonen.

Places to go – Jamey Bennett

This is another example of another great decor in our everyday lives. With a factory, industrial chic look, Jamey Bennett in The Hague, is a really cool place with a simple but well thought of interior decoration. Although we've been seeing this style for a while, it still has its appeal, so we can linger on just a little bit more to the rough and rebellious industrial style.

Portuguese artists – Margarida Gorgulho

Margarida Gorgulho is a Portuguese ceramist that I have been following for some time. Straight from one of the best schools of ceramic, she did her studying in ESAD in Caldas da Rainha, a place that has a lot of history in ceramics in Portugal.
The nature inspired forms are beautiful in their simplicity, with mouthwatering colours combined with the perfect clean white, her pieces are a must have in every kitchen and decor. Take a look at this selection of pictures and be sure to check her collections here.