About interior design awards-Andrew Martin

Every year, the Andrew Martins interior design review is launched. These are the oscars for interior design and I love that Portugal is always represented. Take a look at the book. The first pages are from this years winner, all the other are from Portuguese designers featured in the book.


New products – Organoid

Allways on the search of novelties, I came across this brand, Organoid. This company makes an unique, innovative and versatile material. From lampshades, to furniture, but also aplicable on walls, these decorative coatings are characterized by their naturalness and authenticity. They allow a new experience of natural raw materials through all the senses as the surface is untreated and therefore also the scenting characteristics are preserved. The smell component is really my favourite, because I think smells bring back memories (from your grandmothers kitchens, to the grass covered fields we used to play in), and you are immediatly transported to a place you’ve sometimes forgotten.

The uses for this are so many, but just so you know, you can make it backpaper (to hang like a normal wallcover), acoustic pannels or mold it anyway you like.

Although I cannot give you the pleasure of smelling these pictures, if you come across this brand live, please try and give a sniff. By the way, they will be in Lisbon at Homeing up to saturday.



Cultural Lisbon

We had a very cultural weekend this week, there was this thing called Open house Lisbon, and lots of places were opened to the public or museums weren’t charging entries. There were a lot of places we could go, but with two little kids, we couldn’t cover it all. So we decided to visit the city hall and the Museu dos Coches (that is allways a win with kids). Although it doesn’t have a lot to do with interiors nowadays, it’s allways interesting and inspiring to look at. Hope you will feel inspired by these photos that take us to another era.

In Love with another Portuguese brand – GUR

Gur is rug spelled backwards and it started with the passion of its founder, Célia, for handcrafted rugs, tipical from Portugal. This brand makes unique rugs with the colaboration of diferent designers, and gives a new life to an old art, using ancient techniques with a flare of new design.

The result couldn´t be more beautiful, a fresh look and a contemporary view to the old crafts that we love discovering.

Take a look:)

Still about yellow

Last post I showed how you can use yellow as a part of your decor, keeping this mood, today I show you some pieces you can use as part of the touches of colour you can add to your room, any room.

With these ideas you can easily turn over the mood of the room you want to change, keep a simple and neutral base and add the colour if you are afraid to play with more than one colour at a time (you can never go wrong with that), or go overboard with mix and match colours and patterns.

You can find The links to these brands here: Casulo, Emilia handmade, Maquarela and Loopinghome.
You can find The links to these brands here: Trendy Pillows, Lorena Canals, Maquarela, Loopinghome.

Trends – Yellow

I had allready talked about yellow in interior design here, it was my first post, because of the blogs main colour.

But now I think it’s becoming a trend, and a very bright, warm and happy one. Yellow is usually considered to be a happy colour, and it brings a lot of joy and light when you apply it well.

Be carefull though not to use it to much, a sprinkle here and there, mostly with accessories or a big statement piece is enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm the entire room.

I made a selection of some interiors that I know you will love as much as I do.

Image from Pampa
maria barros
Project from Maria Barros
Image from homdecoor
Image from Bloglovin
Image from pinterest
rugs direct
Image from Rugs Direct