Portuguese artists – Margarida Gorgulho

Margarida Gorgulho is a Portuguese ceramist that I have been following for some time. Straight from one of the best schools of ceramic, she did her studying in ESAD in Caldas da Rainha, a place that has a lot of history in ceramics in Portugal.
The nature inspired forms are beautiful in their simplicity, with mouthwatering colours combined with the perfect clean white, her pieces are a must have in every kitchen and decor. Take a look at this selection of pictures and be sure to check her collections here.

Places to go – Apples en Peeren

Hiding in a small neighborhood in The Hague, there is a small cafe with a great decor. People these days seem to take more attention to detail and to the decor of these small business, because I keep seeing lovely ideas of interior design everywhere. This in particular, has a great choice of old looking chandeliers with natural materials, which in my opinion, go great together , and of course, the fashion colour of the year, green, that combines perfectly with natural wood. Take a look and tell me what do you think.

Places to go – Maritim by the beach

In the beach by The Hague in the Netherlands there are a lot of cozy restaurants to go, all of them have great snacks and seats to relax and watch the sea while you work on your tan. And although the terraces are extremely inviting, you should always take a look inside, because most of the times, you'll be surprised.
This is Maritim, a place in Kijkduin, with a great staff and a very nice place to relax.

Kids rooms-animal trend alert

I love kids and babies rooms, and now we’re seeing much more variety in this kind of decor (thank god!) we’ve gotten out of comfortable pink, blue and traditional nurseries to pretty much wherever desire leads us. We see vintage retro looking rooms, to modern black and white ones, as much as in other spaces, anything is possible. But we do love cuteness in nurseries, and animals have always been a part of kids decor, except that now, we’re introducing animals in a more grownup yet a lot of fun way. In the animal decor , take a look at these objects to add to your little ones bedroom.

AP Collection
Kamina& C
The animal print shop
AP Collection
AP Collection
Kamina& C
AP collection

Everyday houses

The other day I started thinking about houses and decor, And how usually we have and know houses that are pretty much normal. We look at magazines and blogs, and every house seems that it has been out of some fancy production of a great inspiration, an awesome designer, so I thought it would be great to be more attentive to those everyday houses, to take a real look at what usually is the decor that is all around us and today I’m starting  with a house that has a familiar smell and brings me childhood memories, a house with no great production and filters, an honest look at a simple everyday house. I hope you enjoy this attempt of looking to the ordinary and see extraordinary.

Objects of desire – ceiling lamps

Ok, I’m obsessed with these ceiling lamps and chandeliers. I know we’re often influenced by what we keep seeing in photographs, instagram, Pinterest and other social media, but really, these lamps are to dye for, and they’re not new in the market, it’s just that now, with all the natural materials trend they have become more eye catching, and I have to get me one of these!!! Take a look and tell me what’s your favorite.

Lisa hout Hang lamp from Karwei
Image from Pinterest
Marla lamp from Bombayduck
Image from Pinterest
Z1 cotton lamp – Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate