5 tips to rock velvet in your living room

Velvet has made a comeback, have you noticed? More and more, designers are turning to this lush fabric to create cosy and stylish spaces and editors are aware and are launching new, bright and fashionable colours to satisfy the growing demands. I’ve rounded up five tips for you to use, so that you can style velvet like a pro.

Image from VTwonen

1 – Choose an accent piece and cover it with your favourite velvet. You can have a sofa, chair, or a simple puff, and depending on the weight it has in the space, you can go for bolder colours or even add a pattern.

Image from centsationalstyle

2 – Don’t over do it. Allways the good old fashion advise, less is more. Velvet is a clear statement in your living space, go wild on the colour you choose, but for example: if you choose to upholster a big couch, don’t use on anything else, but if you choose a chair or a bergere, you can double it.

Image from Pinterest

3 – Use other types of fabrics, like linens and prints to mix and match. You can choose in the same colour range, or put in matching colours. Using different textures creates a more natural look.

Image from livingroomideas


4 – Style it with natural materials. Velvet is usually a more refined fabric, and it can give you a sense of luxury. But you can mix some natural materials, like wood  or even some greens, to style it down a little and create a more bohemian look.

Image from pinterest



5 – Choose a neutral tone and style for a clean look. Velvet can also be used  in a more simple decor, you just have to take advantage of the lush look and use a neutral tone, it gives you a luxe style but still natural feeling.


About artists – Teresa Esgaio

I came across this portuguese artist in Attitude magazine and became immediatly in love with her work.

Teresa Esgaio is 32 years old and has studied at the fine arts college in Lisbon. She worked in advertising until she decided to go full time on drawing (and we’re so glad she did).

Her works are almost allways drawn in soft pastels, charcoal and powder graphite, and it’s amazing what she acomplishes. But see for yourself and hopefully you will get lost as I did.



How to decorate shelves

Open shelving is a must in todays decor, not only in living rooms and offices, but also in the kitchen. It can be an opportunity to exibith your most precious items and there are some tips you can follow to make this task easier.

Select books and objects to showcase, and mix them in uneven numbers (I don’t know why, but this works much better)

Image from Livinterior.com.br

Order books in both vertical and horizontal, this gives movement and interest to the bookcase, you can also display items on top of the horizontal books to give it a more fashion look.

Image from Designsixtynine

Combine items of different sizes when you display them together.

Image from Pinterest

Also mix paintigns you love with those souvenirs from travels.

Pops of greens or a different background also give your bookcase a more personal vibe, you can do ths with a different paint colour or with your favourite wallpaper.

Image from architectural-design.info

Woodmade – furniture tradition

Tiago Pereira is the name behind these new furniture makers. Growing up, Tiago learned with his grandfather, a master joiner, all the intricate details and secrets of wood work. They work wood in the old fashioned way, with an eye for detail and natural finishings. They respect the main material and the outcome are pieces that show love and tradition with all the beauty that comes naturally from the process.

Woodmade makes custom sized furniture and objects, but also gives a new life to old ones.

Take a look at this 100% portuguese woodlovers.

My small home christmas list

So I’ve been trying to put up a frugal christmas list for my house. It’s hard to choose from so many gorgeous house decors, but I came up with this short list of some of my favourite portuguese designers and other pieces. Some of them I already spoke of here in the blog, so you’re probably familiar with some pieces. Nonetheless  here are my choices for sant this year.

luxe design
From luxe design, this beautifull lamp stands in the air!!! How great is that?!
iva viana
Beautifull plaster sculptures from portuguese artist Iva Viana, these look great hanging in walls
I love all the rugs from GUR, and I also love pink. This is one of my favourites
This magazine holder looks great in any living room, it’s from portuguese Casulo.
casulo wall
Also from casulo new collection, her macrame wall hangings give me a sense of tranquility, I just love everything
The new black and white collection from Barru Pottery is really on trend because black is really back.

In love – Burel mountain originals

When I came across this brand, I thought to myself “this is what reinventing our traditions should look like”. Burel is a common portuguese fabric, made of wool traditionally used in shepherds capes in northen Portugal, but it has been making its way to design. The burel mountain originals is a brand that took this ancient technique and joined forces with creative designers to give it a new and beatifull life so that we can dress up our houses with simple but tasty pieces.

Take a look at these wonderfull creations and fall in love

Three budget dinning room

Autumn is coming for good and if there is a place in the house that I associate with this season, it’s the dinning room. The colder weather makes us want to stay indoors, and gatherings happen more often, we invite our friends for dinner and we want our house to look the best.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your dinning room space, keep in mind lighting, confort and “cosyness”. In my case, as in many of cases, I also have to keep in mind the budget, so I had this idea, of making a dinning room three times, with three very diferent budgets, but maintaining the look I wanted from the first time. I’m having a love affair with yellow, so I went with it, but you can make this exercise with any colour you wish. Just start with all the pieces you really love (regardless of your budget), and then, search for low budget simmilar products (Ikea is a great source), until you have what you want.

All of these budgets contemplate six chairs, although I only show two for mood board purposes. Enjoy.

Chair from Hay at Paris Sete for 255€. Table at Kare for 879€. Rug from Elitis for 1350€. Lamp from Muuto for 699€. and posters from Desenio for 18€ and 31€. Total budget 4507€
Chair from Hay at Paris Sete for 255€. Table at Ikea for 229€. Rug from Elitis for 1350€. Lamp from Diesel for 540€. and posters from Desenio for 18€ and 31€. Total budget 3698€
Chair from Ikea for 39.99€. Table at Ikea for 229€. Rug from Ikea for 159€. Lamp from Ikea for 59.90€. and posters from Desenio for 18€ and 31€. Total budget 736.93€